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    Tips for a medium sized peaceful community aquarium

    3 years ago

    Medium Sized Community Tank First time aquarium enthusiasts often wonder what types of fish to mix. This article provides suggestions for a medium sized peaceful community fish tank. Here you will find a list of...

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    HP Envy Review and Specifications

    3 years ago

    The New HP Envy is like the picture above, a thing of natural beauty. This is a fantastic performance notebook with excellent audio and visual. Beats,as Dr. Dre describes it, "is the way that the artist intended...

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    Quotes from Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun

    3 years ago

    The following are extracted quotes from Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun . This is an excellent, albeit brief read. This book was loaned to me by a retired Colonel in the US Army. However, the secrets can be...

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    A review of Henry Kissinger's "Diplomacy"

    3 years ago

    The National Bestseller Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger is a phenomenal treatise on international relations for the first three quarters of the book. This is because Kissinger moves from a scrutinizing recitation of...

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